The Joy of Writing


The Young Authors Program is intended to instill the joy of applying literacy skills to create something new for others to read. Partnerships between the RRI and local schools encourage young students to create original stories and share them on the RRI website. The stories posted here are original works written by students in grades three to five. If you are a young writer and want to participate in the Young Writers Program, send a request to Director, Reading Research Institute.

Visitors are encouraged to explore and enjoy these stories. The copyrighted materials are royalty free for instructional use only.

One of the major targets presented during the workshop was to write so that you "show not tell." This is a hard concept for beginning writers to grasp. In some of the stories, you will find that these young writers are still working on this concept. An effective illustration of this concept can be found in The Chosen One. When the protagonist approaches an evil character, instead of simply writing that the creature was ugly, frightening, or evil looking, the author wrote "I knew that face. It was blood-red and had scorch marks that looked like someone burned him. He only had a couple of teeth and his eyes were all red, no white or black to be seen." This is the type of writing that helps the reader sense and experience the evilness represented by the character without the author's intrusion.

To read the stories, click on the title image. The stories require a PDF reader.